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The following schools serve as the academic powerhouses under the educational system category of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). The top 10 colleges and universities are ranked according to graduation statistics, well-known academic programs, financial aids and a number of different aspects.

1. Spelman College
Considered as the oldest HBCU college for women, this college produces the second largest population of African-American graduates that proceed to medical school afterwards. The graduation rate of the liberal arts college shows at 80 percent. Because of these achievements, the admission process into Spelman has become considerably selective.

2. Howard University
Located in Washington D.C., Howard University is among the historically black colleges in the U.S. Among the things a lot of students prefer getting into Howard is because of its urban setting. Giving advantage to the D.C. community and black students, Howard has the most concentrated group of African-American scholars worldwide.

3. Morehouse College
Founded in 1867, Morehouse College started as a private school. Like Spelman, the admission procedure in this university is also selective. Considered as part of the “Black Ivy League”, the liberal arts college for men shows academic excellence that can be compared to MIT and John Hopkins. One of the well-known Black personalities which is a graduate of Morehouse is Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Hampton University
Being a historically black school in Virginia, Hampton University has also produced graduates such as Booker T. Washington, a prominent Black educator, and Alberta Williams King, the mother of Martin Luther King, Jr. This university received a $3-million donation from the National Science Foundation for their concentration in the field of nanoscience.

5. Tuskegee University
Situated in Alabama, Tuskegee University was established with the intent of offering nursing programs. Currently, Tuskegee is known as one of the oldest nursing schools in the country. It is also the only historically black university that has a fully accredited Veterinary Medicine college.

6. Xavier University of Louisiana
This school is a private institution initially established in 1915. Like Spelman and Morehouse, Xavier University of Louisiana is also selective during its admissions. This university follows a semester-based academic calendar and is the only catholic HBCU.

7. Fisk University
This private school boasts a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:11. It is also the oldest accredited historically black university in the South. Fisk is known for its concentration on natural science programs and studies. The Fisk Jubilee Singers, a famous black musical group, is from this university.

8. Florida A&M University
It is a public HBCU that houses students from all kinds of races, not only African-Americans. This university offers affordable degree programs to thousands of students. Located in Tallahassee, Florida, FAMU has a hundred of student organizations and a number of sororities and fraternities.

9. Claffin University
Founded in 1869, Claffin University is a private Methodist institution that offers a Greek system with a small percent of the student body involved in fraternities and sororities. In the year 2012, the university received a $1-million fund for students who want to pursue musical degrees. In partnership with South Carolina Center, Claffin prepares students for hands-on experience in the field of Biotechnology.
10. North Carolina A&T State University

It is a HBCU found in Greensboro, North Carolina. The school provides needs-based assistance to 85 percent of its students. NCAT has a research facility that involves carbon footprint reduction and is called the Sustainable Infrastructure Materials (SIM) Laboratory.


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